Rustic Loving

I'm twenty-one and engaged to an amazing man who I will be lucky enough to spend the rest of my life with. I've decided on a rustic/vintage/country themed wedding that I also want to be simple and chic, definitely nothing TOO over the top. I'm not really able to plan just yet with everything going on in our lives, but I can at least get my ideas in order!

To my lovely followers:

I am very sorry for the lack of updating the past few weeks. I’m in the middle of moving to Hawaii to be with my beloved. It has been tough. The hoops we’ve been going through just to get a place is enough to pull your hair out! I promise to be better about posting more, but I still may be slacking in the upcoming weeks! Please forgive me and be patient! You are all amazing!

In my opinion baby’s breath just completes almost any floral arrangement

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